Curriculum Vitae


Doctor of Philosophy in African American Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2013
Dissertation Title:  Race for Profit: Black Housing and the Urban Crisis in the 1970s.
Dissertation Committee:  Martha Biondi (Chair), Mary Pattillo, Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Leonard Rubinowitz

Abstract: This dissertation investigates the federal government’s promotion of single-family homeownership in low-income African American communities in the aftermath of urban rebellion in the 1960s. It examines how the federal government partnered with the housing and banking industries to create these homeownership programs and analyzes the influence of private capital on federal housing policies.

Master of Arts in African American Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, August 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Board of Governors Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, May 2007


University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of African American Studies, 2013-2014


Northwestern University Presidential Fellowship, 2011-2013
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, 2011-2012


Writing Residency Award, Lannan Foundation, 2012
George Romani Prize for Best First Year Paper, co-recipient, Northwestern University History Department, 2007-08
Best First Year Paper Award, Northwestern University African American Studies Department, 2007-08

Grants and Scholarships

Northwestern University, Conference Travel Grant, 2012-2013
Northwestern University, Conference Travel Grant, 2011-2012
Gerald Ford Presidential Library, Travel Grant, 2012
Northwestern University, Department of African American Studies Conference Travel Grant, 2011-2012
Northwestern University Graduate Research Grant recipient, 2011
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Fellowship, Northwestern University, 2010-2011
Honorable Mention, Ford Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 2008
Dr. J. Brommel Doctoral Scholarship, Northeastern Illinois University, 2007


Refereed Academic Journal Article  Back Story to the Neoliberal Moment: Race Taxes and the Political Economy of Black Urban Housing in the 1960s,” Souls:  A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society 3, 2013.

Book Sidebar Essay  “The Mississippi Freedom Schools.” Knopp, Sarah, and Jeff Bale, eds. 2012. Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation. Haymarket Books.

Newspaper Editorial  “The NATO summit template for policing the ‘other Chicago’,” The Guardian, May 2012.

“The Verdict on a “Post-Racial Society”,” In These Times, July 13, 2013“
“What the Zimmerman Trial means for Racial Profiling,” In These Times, August, 16, 2013.

Non-refereed Journal Article  “Race and the Obama Era,” New Politics 49, 2010.

Book Reviews
Hill, Anita, Reimagining Equality: Stories of Gender, Race, and Finding Home, Ms. Magazine, Fall 2011.
Pietila, Anthony, Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City, Humanities and Social Sciences Online (H-Net), June 2011.
DuBois, W. E. B., Black Reconstruction in America 1860-1880, International Socialist Review 57, 2008.

Online Publications
”Grad Students Respond to Riley Post on African-American Studies,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2012.
“When Black Homeowners Fought Back,” Gaper’s Block: A Web Publication, May 2010.
“Renters: The Other Housing Crisis,” Black Agenda Report: News, analysis and commentary from the black left, September 2010.
“The Bride Wore Black: The Assassination of Sean Bell,” Black Commentator, December 2006.
“Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair: Blacks, Latinos and the New Civil Rights Movement,” Counterpunch Magazine, May 2006.

Conferences and Panels

“A Dream Deferred? From MLK to Trayvon Martin, Fighting Racism in the US Today,” panelist with Professor Cornel West and The Guardian Newspaper columnist Gary Younge, Busboys & Poets, Washington DC, August 2013.
“Poverty Pulled the Trigger: The Historical Roots of Urban Violence, “panelist with Professor Martha Biondi, Professor Barbara Ransby, Professor Cedric Johnson, Center for Economic Research, June 2013.
“The Murder of American Cities: Privatization and American Housing Policy in the 1970s,” Presenter for Spring Gathering of Northwestern University Presidential Fellows, Evanston, Illinois, April 2013.
“Rats, Riots and Revolution: Black Struggles for Housing Justice in the 1960s,” Invited Speaker, Marfa Book Company, Marfa, Texas, April 2013.
”From the Great Society to the Neoliberal Society: Lyndon Johnson’s Partnership with Big Business,” Panelist, Historical Materialism Conference, London, England, November 2012.
“From Black Power to the New Jim Crow: Black Politics in the Twenty-First Century,” Center for Economic Research and Social Change, Chicago, Illinois, June 2012.
“Black Studies/Chronicle of Higher Education Controversy: Circumstance, Context and Meaning,” Panelist, Center for Study of Race, Politics, and Culture, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, May 2012.
“From American Dream to Predatory Lending: Public/Private Programs to Promote Home Ownership Among Low-Income African Americans in the 1970s,”Panelist, A Beautiful Struggle: Transformative Black Studies in Shifting Political Landscapes, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, April 2012.
“Race, Class and the Urban Crisis,” invited speaker, Symposium of the DePaul Journal for Social Justice, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, March 2012.
“The Struggle for Black Housing in Historical Perspective,” panelist, Left Forum, New York, New York, March 2012.
“The Political Economy of Black Homeownership in the 1970s,” panelist, American Association of Geographers, New York, New York, February 2012.
“Tenant Unions, Rent Strikes, Fighting Foreclosures, and Eviction Blockades: Black Struggles for Housing Justice,” Panelist, American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 2012.
“Housing and the 1960’s Urban Crisis,” Invited speaker, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, November 2011.
“Out on the Street: The Housing Crisis in Historical Perspective,” Invited Speaker, Harper College, Palatine, IL, October 2011.
”Rats, Riots and Revolution: The Black Housing Crisis of the 1960s,” Panelist, Conference of Ford Fellows, Irvine, California, October 2011.
“The Political Economy of Black Homeownership in the 1970s,” Panelist, American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, January 2011.
“Racism, Riots, and Real Estate:  The HUD Housing Crisis,” panelist, Historical Materialism Conference, London, England, November 2010.
“Black Reconstruction and the Possibility of Multiracial Democracy in the Post-Civil War South,” Paper accepted for After Slavery conference, Charleston, South Carolina, March 2010.
“Public Evictions and Taking Back the Land,” invited speaker, Illinois Humanities Council. Chicago, IL, March 2010.
“A Home of Their Own: The Politics of Homeownership in Black America,” Presented paper at Northwestern University Graduate Student Symposium.  Evanston, Illinois, February 2010.
“A Home of Their Own: The Politics of Homeownership in Black America,” Presented paper at Historical Materialism Conference at CUNY Graduate Center.  New York City, New York, January 2010.
“Race and Class in the Age of Obama,” Invited speaker. University of California-Berkeley, March 2009.
“Revolution ’67,”Panelist, Northwestern University, February 2009.
“From Redlining to Subprime Lending: Racism and Housing Discrimination in U.S. History,” Center for Economic Research and Social Change, Chicago, Illinois, June 2008.
“Radicals in Black and Brown—The Young Lords and Black Panther Party,” Invited Speaker, Latino and Latin American Studies Department, Northeastern Illinois University, March 2007.
“Civil Rights in the United States Today,”  Invited Speaker, Black History Month Forum, Feather River College, Quincy, CA, February 2007.

Teaching Experience

Instructor, The Black Power Movement, Spring 2010
Teaching Assistant, Black Religion and Social Movements, Winter 2010
Teaching Assistant, The Politics of Black Popular Culture, Fall 2009
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to African American History: 1865-1955, Winter 2009
Teaching Assistant, Topics in Transnational Black Culture, Spring 2009
Teaching Assistant, Topics in African American Studies: Race, Crime and Punishment, Fall 2008

Community/Public Presentations and Service

The Housing Crisis Then and Now, City Life/La Vida Urban, Boston, November 2010
King’s Last Fight: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Memphis Garbage Strike of 1968, The Experimental Station, Chicago, January 2012
The Open Housing Movement in Chicago, Multi-Kulty, Chicago, January 2012
Trayvon Martin and the New Jim Crow, panelist, Grace Place Episcopal Church, Chicago, April 2012.
Roundtable discussion on guns and violence in Chicago, Both Sides with Reverend Jesse Jackson television program, Chicago, April 2012
One Day Course on “Race in Twentieth Century America,” co-taught with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, DuSable Museum, Thought Works, Inc., Chicago, IL, June 2012


The Graduate School, Northwestern University, Diversity Pipeline Initiative Committee, 2011-2012
Coordinator of Presidential Fellows Society Speaker Series, 2012-2013

Professional Affiliations

Urban History Association
American Historical Association
American Sociological Association